Why Marc?

Some of the key reasons why organisations have selected, and continue to select me include:

  1. Expertise: I have a deep experience on risk management and internal audit gained from working with multinational and local companies and having done risk management and internal audit myself.  As a consequence, I deliver fast and with quality.
  2. Focus: Six core competencies around risk and audit. 
  3. Values: Quality-driven, integer, innovative, practical, team-driven and social-responsible behavior are key. All letters of my last name can be found back in the word "value"  :-)
  4. Independence : I deliver unbiased, objective advice in the best interest of the organization. No surprises and no conflicts of interest.
  5. Change Facilitation : I view change as an opportunity to define a new future. I enable change through proper coaching and knowledge transfer.
  6. Dedication to Quality : Delivering quality service is a key value.
  7. My work is always tailored to each client, because of the uniqueness of each client.  Furthermore, I always take into account the continuous external and internal changes affecting any organization.
  8. Passion for Continuous Improvement & Innovation : I use a client service model designed to ensure to meet expectations:
    - Understand Expectations
    - Plan & Commit
    - Deliver & Explain
    - Search for feedback, measure & improve