Marc is dedicated to knowledge, excellence and self-realization and considers this the foundation of his commitment to the success of any project.

  • High Quality Work : My deliverables and presentations are valuable and of high quality.
  • Integrity : My engagements are based on an honest and proper approach. I am objective and trustworthy.
  • Continuous Improvement & Innovation : I look for opportunities to improve & innovate, both personally and professionally.
  • Practical Knowledge : The road of continuous improvement begins with curiosity, an eagerness to learn, to explore and to discover. I follow and train myself in the latest trends that can help to solve problems.
  • Openness & Participation : I have "think straight, talk straight" approach, sharing information, insight and advice frequently and constructively.
  • Team Work : I like working in team to solve problems since this promotes innovative, practical solutions.
  • Social Responsibility : I support each year specific charities which deliver practical results (more details can be found on this website).