Current Activities

I am actively involved in a number of organisations where I contribute added value in my core expertise domains.

  • Chief Audit Executive at Smals ( Responsible for the Internal Audit department reporting directly to the Auditcommittee.
  • International Vice-President of ISACA International ( Responsible as Chairman of the Knowledge Board for the coordination of the different knowledge activities within ISACA International (including frameworks, guidance & practices, professional standards and education & dissemination).
  • Chairman of the Cloud Computing Task Force of ISACA International ( :Oversight task force on cloud computing reporting directly to the Board of Directors of ISACA.
  • President of the Belgium Chapter of ISACA ( : presiding the board in directing, evaluating and monitoring ISACA BELGIUM in order to maximize value for the local members.
  • Member of the Permanent Stakeholder Group of ENISA ( : advisor on information security topics to the European agency responsible for network and information security in Europe.
  • Member of the Board of Directors and visiting lecturer of SAI ( : Board member.
  • Visiting lecturer at the Antwerp Management School ( : Executive professor at AMS responsible for the Expert Class Information Security Management since 2004. Visiting lecturer for various IT topics in master programmes at AMS since 1997.
  • Visiting lecturer at the Solvay Brussels School for Economics and Management ( : Executive Professor at Solvay Brussels School on Information Security Management in the ICT Audit & Governance programme
  • Deputy Member of the Flemish Privacy Commission ( Deputy member of the Flemish Privacy Commission as privacy experience expert
  • Managing Director of my own company VALUENDO (